How to build a Professional Web Site
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free beginner course on HTML and Web Design

If you are looking for a free beginner's course on HTML and Web Design, you have landed in the right place.
Here you find, completely free, the first 5 Lessons of my comprehensive and very popular distance-learning Course How to build a Professional Web Site.
This is a very detailed, step-by-step, "hands-on" Course, written without any complex computer jargon and delivered with an informal, relaxed tone.

Enjoy it !

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How to build a Professional Web Site is a very comprehensive and step-by-step training course (web based and by e-mail) on how to conceive, design, publish, administer and webmaster web sites. It is very interactive, practical, hands-on, and with full back-up tutor assistance and guidance. It deals with all major topics of web design, including: how to design and build a web site (website) or a simple web page - html - tag and tags - attribute and attributes - head - body - title - div - break - paragraph - text - fonts - formatting - ordered, unordered and definition list or lists - ul - ol - dl, - li - pre-formatting - pre - alignment - centering - header - h - p - br - color - colors - colour - colours - background - bgcolor - nested - nesting - xhtml - css - cascading style sheets - image - images - gif - jpg - bmp - notepad - screen resolution - pixel - pixels - resizing - how to resize - size, - file - filename - thumbnails - zipping - unzipping - animation, animations and animated gifs - link, links - img - a - mail, e-mail - ftp - http - transfer - protocol - load - download - upload - table, tables, tr, td - frame and frames - noframes - image mapping - dhtml - dynamic html - form, forms, input, textarea, select, option - blink, marquee and meta tags - inline - external - document level - property - properties - webmastering - publishing. It explains all secrets of the Net. It explains what xml is and how it will impact future web design. It explains how to manage search engines. Visit the following link for full details of this course: How to build a Professional Web Site - main page